Fearless in the Kitchen

So you don't know how to cook and you have no time. I can help you with that. Preparing all or most meals at home from scratch is absolutely the easiest way to improve your health, lose weight, and manage health conditions. The problem is that sometimes that much cooking can seem daunting. What if you only know how to cook a few things? Or nothing? What if you have picky eaters at home? 

Private cooking classes are a great way to get hands-on experience with prepping and cooking easy, healthy, delicious meals. You'll see right away how quick and simple it is to get dinner on the table every night, or get a filling breakfast in the morning, or pack a lunch for work so you're not going to the corner store for soggy sandwiches again.  You'll learn tips and tricks to maximize your time and minimize the work, and if you're taking the class as part of one of my 30-day plans, we can even focus on meal prep for that week's meal plan so you see how simple it is to get the "heavy lifting" for an entire week's worth of meals done in just a couple hours.

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