Your Best-Laid Plans In Action

We all know intuitively that cooking from scratch at home is the best way to eas healthfully, but all to often reality gets in the way. You work late, there's traffic, you have about 80 loads of laundry to do, you need to help your daughter build a model of a perpetual motion generator for science class, and your son missed the carpool van to his acting class. How are you supposed to cook dinner on a night like that?

Enter the Meal Plan. This is a simple, practical planning tool that allows you to enjoy home-cooked meals on a daily basis while minimizing the time you spend actually cooking and also saving you a lot of money. Because let’s be honest, how often do you find a moldy container of you-don’t-even-remember-what in the back of the fridge? You’re throwing money away along with that fuzzy horror show.
So how does it work? You take an hour to plan out all the meals you’re going to eat in a week (you CAN do this, trust me) and make a list of all the ingredients you need. Then you plan when you’re going to prep and/or cook each meal. I like to do most of the work on Saturday: chopping vegetables, portioning ingredients, and cooking meals that last well in the fridge or freezer. Then you simply follow the schedule you made. So maybe on Saturday you’re chopping all the ingredients for a stir fry, and you keep them nice and fresh in a glass container until Wednesday night, when the stir fry is on the menu for dinner. Then instead of spending 20 minutes chopping, all you have to do is heat your wok and dinner’s ready in 15. Easy, right?
Sort of. It definitely takes some practice and planning. That’s where I come in! I work with you to build a meal plan and prep schedule for you using recipes you’re familiar with and you know your kids will eat, while helping you learn new ones that will get you the most nutritious bang for your buck. It’s all about variety when it comes to healthy eating. We can even take a grocery store tour together where I’ll show you how to save the most money while picking the healthiest foods, or we can do a private cooking class where I’ll walk you through the basics of meal prep and show you how to store your items so they last until you’re ready to use them. Sound like fun? Give me a call!
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