Simple, Holistic Nutrition Tailored to You!
"Let food be thy medicine." -Hippocrates

Let me tell you about Linda. Linda can’t remember how many different diets she’s tried. It’s always the same – she’ll lose a few pounds right away, but then she’ll get tired of the boring meals, or lose track of counting calories, or she’ll have a bad day at work and demolish an entire pizza… and then she gives up. She gains the weight back (and sometimes a little more) and nothing changes until she finds another diet to try.

Does this sound familiar to you? It’s more common than you think. Over 90% of women say they’re currently unhappy with their weight and/or are on a diet. That’s just about everyone you know, unless you know a lot of supermodels.

So if you’re tired of the on-again-off-again relationship with your weight and dieting, you’ve come to the right place. Here we do not “diet,” we develop a diet. That’s a holistic approach to eating that is sustainable, tailored to you, and gets you the nutrition you need to optimize your body and begin losing excess weight.
Sounds good so far, but how does it work? I believe that whole foods offer the best solution for your health. I don’t sell supplements, Herbalife, Jenny Craig, or any other “system” that only guarantees results if you use their products. This is about giving you the tools and resources to build healthy meals without having to rely on anyone else to tell you what to eat or having to do extensive “book-keeping.” In my 30-day and 60-day plans, you won’t find any:
  • Supplements
  • “Meal Replacement” products
  • Food journals
  • Calorie counting
  • Weighing/measuring portions
  • Cardio
  • “Lite,” low-fat, or low-carb processed foods
What you will find:
  • Lots of delicious recipes made with whole foods
  • Detailed meal plans to make preparing meals quick & easy
  • Mindfulness activities to help shift your focus
  • Suggestions for healthy substitutions to the foods you’re already eating
  • A grocery store tour so you can learn how to save money and get the healthiest foods
  • A private cooking class where you learn some culinary tricks and tips for both prep and cooking
  • A whole lot of support and understanding. This is about you making sustainable changes in your life, not about me pushing some product.
If this sounds like the weight loss plan you’ve been looking for, give me a call or send me an email today. Get ready to start living your most vibrant life!
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