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Reconnect With Your Body
Most of us have come to view our bodies as something to tolerate at best, with all their imperfections and problems.  Wrinkles!  Those stubborn last 10 pounds!  PMS and migraines!  Everyday aches and pains!  

What if there were a way to reconnect with your body as a beautiful, inseparable part of your whole self?  That’s the gift of yoga.  You might not burn 800 calories during a yoga class, but through your practice you will come to love and respect your body and its integral connection with your mind and your spirit, and this awareness will fuel true change in your life that will benefit your body and your overall health.

For example, think about what a typical lunch looks like for you. Do you grab something quick from the corner store to absentmindedly wolf down while catching up on emails? Is breakfast a latte drunk on your commute? I used to make a bowl of cereal in the morning and eat it while getting ready, taking bites between putting on makeup and curling my hair.
This disassociated relationship with food is ultimately a disassociation with your body.  By bringing awareness to your body and its need for nourishing, wholesome food, you reignite your internal desire to care for yourself.  In this way, the act of preparing and eating a meal becomes an act of self-care (and care for others, if you’re feeding more than yourself), something you enjoy doing with mindfulness, no rush, and no distractions.  

This is what yoga does: teaches you to bring mindfulness, awareness, and respect your whole self and to prioritize taking care of your self.  It teaches you to be forgiving of your imperfections and to approach change and growth in a healthy, positive way - no "quick fixes", fad diets, or beating yourself up.  And you don't have to slog through an hour of high-intensity boot camp class five days a week!  

As you develop your awareness and connection to your body through your yoga practice, you will begin to experience positive, lasting changes that will facillitate not only weight loss, but improved self-image and overall physical and mental health. As you feel better about (and inside of) your body, your positive habits of self-care will continue to build and soon you’ll be glowing from head to toe.
Mindfulness and Weight Loss

Scientific studies suggest again and again that mindful eating can have countless health benefits including:
  • Feeling full on less food
  • Making healthier food choices
  • Eliminating problems like heartburn and bloating
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Feeling more satisfied after a meal
  • Weight loss
You’re probably wondering, “How can mindfulness affect all these physical things?”  That’s a fascinating topic related to some really cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs in our understanding of how the mind and body are connected, and it’s something we can discuss at length when you sign up for private classes.  For now though, I’ll just say that the mind has a powerful influence over the way the body processes both information and food.  The more your mind is on your meal while you’re eating, the more attention your body gives to using that food efficiently.  And developing a positive relationship with your body also goes a long way in benefiting your physical health.

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